Saturday, October 21

Your Web site

A Web site for all U3A members

You may have noticed that this Web site is powered by the well-known Content Management System (CMS) Drupal.

One of the reasons we chose Drupal was that it opens up the Web site to any member who wants to contribute. Every visitor, member or not, gets information and news. As a member, you can also help build up the site.

What you can do

‘Authorised users’

Drupal’s entry level role is called ‘authorised user.’ You can create an account, then log in. This will allow you to comment on articles or our blogs. It will also allow you to renew your subscription online.

Just follow these simple instructions.

Group leaders

Group leaders, after some brief training, can take responsibility for their own group page. They can keep the information up to date. They can also upload photos and (if they wish) PDF files.


We have created a more powerful role called ‘contributor.’ If you are assigned this role formally, it means you can create new content of your own: news items, articles, reports. You can also edit and update some pieces contributed by others.


You may have noticed that as well as the content in the central column of every page, there is content in sidebars. Assistant editors can create and edit the blocks that appear in the sidebars. Full editors can create and edit anything on the site.


You need no training to add comments. Just start writing what you want to write!

To create and update existing content, you will need a brief period of training, so that you are familiar with the way the Web site works and how you can do what you want to do.

The training takes the form of an initial seminar or workshop, attended by up to 4 members, followed by an optional one-to-one session. (You just have to ask, during your initial session, or at any time after.)

If you would like to join in, please contact the U3A webmaster or John Pickford. John has stepped down as President, but will continue to oversee this Web site.