Tuesday, December 12

Paying for your trip  

To book a place

You will need to pay a minimum 10-euro deposit in order to book a place on any trip. This deposit is not returnable.


For our more expensive trips, you will need to increase your deposit to a particular set amount, which in every case will be announced on the Web page for the trip. You can pay this at the same time as you book your place. Otherwise, you will need to top your deposit up within 7 days of booking.

If you do not pay the full amount of the required deposit within 7 days, your name will automatically be taken off the list for that trip.

Methods of payment

Payments of 50 euros or more

Amounts of €50 or over should be paid in cash, or by bank transfer, directly into the U3A Travel Account (see below).Bank transfers can be made at any time, provided that your Calpe U3A membership number or numbers are included—which will make it clear on whose behalf the payment is being made—together with the name of the trip or event. Please include this in the payment reference section. You must also include your name.

Payments under 50 euros

Payments under €50 need to be be paid in cash. You can visit the U3A Travel Desk, which is open at every U3A General Meeting. You can also pay cash into the U3A Travel Account, (bank details below), and telling the cashier your name or names, together with the name of the trip.

Bank transfers

The Calpe U3A bank at BBK Kutxa Bank, Calle Corbeta 13, 03710, Calpe, Spain

Association name: Asoc U3A DE LEVANTE EN CALPE Travel Group

IBAN: ES27 2095 0203 8091 1296 8036

Important: For all bank payments, please remember to include your Calpe U3A membership number or numbers, which make it clear on whose behalf the payment is being made, together with the name of the trip or event.


You may no longer pay for trips via PayPal. Your committee has suspended this facility.


Non-members will only be accepted if places are available, and may be charged at a higher rate than members. The price for non-members will be shown at the time a trip or event is announced.