Tuesday, December 12

Create a website account

Any paid-up U3A member can create an account.

There is a log-in form on many pages of this site (all the signed articles, and the President’s blog). To create an account, simply click on the link Create a new account, which you will see on every log-in form. This will take you to a registration form.

2 reasons to create an account


You will be able to add “comments” to articles, trip announcements, trip and group reports, and the President’s blog. If the article tells a story, you can add reminiscences of your own. If it is about a place that you know, you can pass on tips from your own experience. If it is about someone you know, you recall something that happened between you.

Don’t be put off by the name “comment”. As far as this Web site is concerned, it just means a personal contribution.

Renewing your subscription

If you have a website account, you can renew your subscription online.

The registration form

The form asks you for a user name and an email address.

User name

On this Web site, your user name needs to be your own personal name (“John Smith”, “Mary Jones”), so that we can check your U3A membership.

Email address

You will need an email address, so that we can send you an email letting you know how to complete the process of account creation.

Please note: we plan to check requests the day we get them, and reply to you—but please be patient!